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Revell 05055 Duits Vliegdekschip "Graf Zeppelin"

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Revell 05055 Duits Vliegdekschip "Graf Zeppelin"


Revell 05055 German Aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin"

The "Graf Zeppelin" was the one and only German aircraft carrier, however it was never completed or used. As the sole German vessel in this class it deserves a special place. On 16.11.1935 the German naval high command issued an order for it to be built by the "Deutsche Werke Kiel AG". It was to by crewed by a company of 1720 and carry 110 aircraft. Water displacement : 27,750 tonnes. It was launched on 8.12.1939. However by 1939 doubts had already arisen about its capabilities. In April 1940 construction work was halted and in July the "Graf Zeppelin" was towed to Gotenhafen and following a general stoppage of shipbuilding in April 1943 it was taken to Stettin. On 25.4.1945 the G.Z. was sunk at its berth by a demolition squad, however in March 1947, it was raised by the Soviet navy and later that June it was finally sunk by torpedos.

- Model of aircraft carrier in the planned operational condition
- Detailed hull
- Propellers and radar equipment
- Lifeboats
- Cannon and anti-aircraft guns
- Detailed flight deck
- Deck superstructures and masts
- One open aircraft lift
- Bf-109 T and Ju-87 T aircraft
- Decals with markings for the flight deck and aircraft

Colors: 37 56 76 79 92

Model details
Scale 1:720
No. of parts 161
Length 362 mm
Skill Level 4

Original details
Type description Aircraft carrier
Year/Period 1939
Origin D
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